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※ 期間中は、「学生割引」「平日アーリーイン」などの平日限定サービスもご利用いただけません(立川店では毎日学割サービスがございます)。

Board Game Delivery Service for Events "DeliBodo"

Boardgames are highly recommended as a tool to improve communication and teamwork, letting players get to know each other better while having a good time. If you find yourself in a position where you wish you could
play board games at the office, DeliBodo is the service for you!

Whether you want to do something fun and original for employee training, company recreation, company parties, Friday drinks, or as teambuilding activities, please reach out to us!


・We will introduce you to a range of board games suitable for each situation and any number of people.
・We will supply all the board games that will be used during the event.
・Our professional Game Master will visit any designated location to facilitate the event.
・We will guide you through the rules of the game, so no worries if you're not familiar!

Why board games?

Board games are a perfect entertainment medium for all ages. They let us take a break from the screen, focus on the people around us, and engage in the same kind of play that sports or video games provide. Most people imagine Monopoly or The Game of Life when they hear "board games", but the industry has evolved massively since those two games, with over 1,000 new designs releasing every year. There's games that range from simple 18-card games whose rules fit on a napkin-sized sheet of paper, to 1,000+ hour long campaigns with rulebooks the size of… normal books. There’s games that look like soda cans, games whose boxes weigh over 25kg, games that you can play by yourself, games where you draw, where you act, games where you’re on a secret mission that could last anywhere from 5 minutes to the whole day! There's always something new to discover.

Recommended events

Corporate training
Employee training
Company recreation
Company trips
New Year's parties
End-of-year parties
Teambuilding workshops

Pricing plan

2 Hours: 33,000円 (tax included) + transportation fee
*If the destination is in Tokyo, the transportation fee is waived.
*If there are more than 12 participants, we recommend sending another person (please fill out a separate quote).
*For durations over 2 hours, we will provide you with a custom quote.

Application process

1. Submit the form below.
2. We will contact you via phone or email to discuss the details of your request.
3. On the day of the event, our Game Master will bring the games along to your requested location.

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