JELLYJELLYCAFE is Happy「Coworking」venue

Coworking Space (Weekday 10:00〜19:00 / Weekend & Holiday 13:00〜19:00)

Feel free to talk with everyone Take free!:any mobile phone battery&laptop charger keep your baggage copying & print out Free scanner machine&projector Dual display monitors

Bar (Everyday19:00〜24:00)

Drink alcohol500円 Soft drink-300円) Food ALL500円(Food bring in permitted) Free Wifi/use Power strip for all seats

Organize your event.Event, Party and Meeting Event

Event, Party and Meeting Week day from18:00.weekend all-day Capacity: 30 people See also website ofEventSpacepage

Check in system

JELLY JELLY CAFE Check as easy to check who coming here! and you’ll get a drink ticket Check in to